Why do we need to check your photo ID?

Why do we need to check your photo ID

As a registered financial service company operating in the UK, we are required to identify users on our platform. 

This ensures we remain in compliance with KYC/AML laws in the UK, something that is necessary for us to be able to continue to offer our instant payment services. 

For more details on what information we collect and how we securely store and protect these records, please refer to our Privacy Policy ID verification general guidelines. All images submitted are only used for ID verification and we will use these as part of our validation of your account.

Acceptable Forms of Photo ID

  • Passport
  • Drivers license

When uploading your photo ID: 

  • Ensure that your document is valid and not expired, without hole punches or other modifications
  • Ensure your document is in a well-lit area without glare. Natural sunlight is best
  • Photograph the entire document and avoid cutting off any corners or sides
  • Ensure the ID is fully visible and in focus
  • Make sure the app or program you use to take the pictures does not add any logos or watermarks
  • Do not obfuscate any information on the ID

Why was my ID rejected?

If your ID has been rejected by the system, an email will be sent to your account with reasoning for why the document was rejected and direction on how to re-upload.

What happens once I have uploaded my ID?

Our platform will now validate the image, this will take up to 24 business hours (as some pictures require a human check) You will be advised via email when your picture is approved or declined by our platform.

  • Only Photo ID that match our Photo ID policy will be accepted.