What is coming next in Paid Lite

The Paid team is continuing to develop Paid Lite, over the next three months we will add in the following new features

Supply Chain Early Payments

We will allow you to make "offers" to your suppliers to get paid early in return for a small discount on what you owe them. This feature will be automated and take a data feed from your ERP or accountancy package. Allow suppliers to take early payments can strengthen your relationships, become a client of choice and bring working capital benefits.

Risk Guardian

On top of the standard KYC & AML checks that Paid does. We will be adding in extra compliance features where the Paid platform will automatically check for items like

- Directors age (too young, too old)

- Real world relationships between your company and your supplier

- Time and date analysis of your transactions

- Credit checks
- Company age and history

This will allow Paid to score your transactions, altering you to potential anomalies 


Paid Lite will show you monthly statements on payments made through the platform, allowing you to filter download these for use within your business. Paid will also estimate when and credit line payments will be needed

Get in Touch

We are happy to talk about our plans for these features, please reach out to talk to us through your account manager.