How to administer payment settings

Paid Lite offers some configuration of your payment settings,

To update your payment settings navigate to "Settings" "Payment Settings", once loaded you can update some settings to suit your needs. The page is broken up into two sections, virtual cards and bank transfers.

Require Creation 2FA - when selected a two factor authentication code will be requested before creation of a card or bank transfer

Require Evidence - when selected asks for a receipt once a card payment has happened

Undo Window - allows a number of hours where a payment can be undone

Require Attachment - makes the user upload an attachement to the payment 

Require Reference - makes the user add a unique reference for the payment

Require Cost Centre - makes the user add a cost centre for the payment

Require Bank Verification - makes a supplier have a verified bank account before payments can be made

Allow Pre-verified Creation - allows you to create a payment while KYC checks are being completed. The payment will only go once the checks are done and passed.