How to add approvers to user creation

How to control which users can approve new users to be added

This guide assumes you have the correct administrator privileges. 

From the main navigation select "Settings" and then "Departments" once here select the department you want to control. Most likely this will be the "General" department. Once inside select "Manage User Approvers" a slide out will appear on the right of the screen.

You can either select a user group or a specific user. When you have selected either a new row will appear.

In this row you can turn on "self approval", "send notifications", "enforce priority" and "priority"

Self approval - allows the user who created the new user to self approve if they are in the approval group. If turned off another approver will need to approve the user request.

Send notifications - controls if email notifications for approval requests should be sent.

Enforce priority - controls if the approval should be sequenced, e.g if you want two different groups to approve in a set sequence.

Priority - is the order of the approvals, if "enforce priority" is selected