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How will your supplier be paid?

How we pay your supplier

When a supplier completes work for you, they will notify you they believe they have completed the work through our platform and you will be asked to confirm completion has occurred. They will provide information related to the completion (as set by you as part of your configuration) that you can review. 

As your supplier inputs this information and requests completion, they are offered two ways of being paid once this is approved by you (and other approvers if needed): 

  1. Express Payment - as soon approved Paid will forward a payment to the supplier less a small percentage discount for the early payment. This payment is made within between 1-3 business days.
  2. Standard Payment - when your supplier was set up you input the standard payment terms. This information is used to pay your supplier on the correct terms e.g. 14/30/45 days - and we will pay your supplier as soon as we receive the payment for the supplier from you as the client. If your supplier chooses standard payment, Paid charge a small 0.25% fee to allow for our processing of the payment through the platform.

Paid will have agreed an invoice schedule during the setup of the platform with the correct timing to allow your supplier to be paid on the standard payment terms (assuming you pay within those terms).