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How to view an invoice on completion

View auto-generated invoices on the Paid platform

Once a piece of work is marked as complete by a supplier and approved by you as complete in the Paid platform, we automatically generate an invoice for that work on behalf of the supplier. 

If you are using our invoice aggregation service, this invoice is for your records only and does not need to be actioned, as you will be paying a single invoice for all work done in a bi-weekly/monthly period as agreed. 

If you are not using our invoice aggregation service, the invoice will also be emailed to you automatically as it is generated, to be paid by you or your finance team within the payment terms stated therein. 

The invoice is linked to the work item. If you want to view the invoice related to a piece of work, first navigate to the work item, then navigate to the "Documents" tab, and at the bottom of the list of documents shown will be the invoice. You can view the invoice in your web browser or download as a PDF as needed.