How to Complete Work

As a supplier how to I complete work and request payment

When you have finished the work, follow the below steps to 'complete' the work and trigger the invoice and select your payment terms.

  1. You will have received an email when the work was accepted with a link to manage the work. From this email click the 'Manage Work' button.
  2. You will be taken into the piece of work where you are able to select the option "Completion information"
    Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 15.12.24
  3. Complete the form providing the information that has been requested.
  4. Choose your payment terms "Faster" or "Standard"
  5. Click "Review Terms"
  6. A window will show you the specific details of what you have chosen for payment, if you are happy with the selection click "Complete Work"
  7. A completion request will go to your client to agree that the work is completed. You will be notified when completion has been agreed to or not. If completion is not agreed you may need to provide some extra information and/or output. In either situation you can put the work back forward for completion follow these same steps.
  8. As soon as your client accepts, we will automatically issue your work statement to you, and invoice your client for the work on your behalf (both of these documents will be available to your on the Paid platform for viewing).
  9. If you have chosen to use our instant payment service, we will pay you as soon as possible after we receive your client's completion confirmation (usually within 2hours, but please allow 3 business days in case we are required to go through BACS).