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How to collect work completion data

What do you need to see to show work is is completed

When your supplier requests completion of a piece of work, they can be asked to input information into the platform so that you can review this in order to make your decision. The information you require from a supplier before they can request work completion is flexible, and you can change this at any time.  

To access this option you need to be an administrator of the Paid platform. If you open the "Settings" menu option and select "Required Evidence" this will show you a table of the different types of required evidence. Most likely you will have one called "Default" which was set for you by us as part of the initial configuration.

You can either (1) create an entirely new "Required Evidence" template by clicking on the "Create New Template" button in the top right-hand corner, or (2) Click on the "Default" option to view the evidence and add / edit / delete and change the order of required evidence within that template. 

  1. Add Evidence Field

Required evidence fields have multiple types which can make data entry simple for your supplier. You can also make fields required or optional.

For text entry, you are also able to specify the amount of text you would like to be input to the platform.

2. Update Field
Select the row you would like to edit and click the magnifying glass icon.

From here you can now update the field as needed.

3. Delete Field
Select the row and click the bin icon.

4. Change the Order
You can use the up and down arrows to move the evidence row into the correct order.