There are two ways to create work on the Paid platform:
(1) Using a pre-existing purchase order (PO) which already details the work to be done by the supplier; or
(2) By creating a new scope of work directly on our platform. 

This article is for creating work by creating a new scope of work directly on our platform. Click here for the article on how to create new work using a pre-existing PO. 

Step 1: Select your supplier

Step 2: Provide some high level details of the work to be done
The screenshot below is for illustrative purposes showing information that can be inputted at this stage, depending on your configuration. 

Step 3: Provide any custom information
Note: this step may not be needed depending on your configuration

Step 4: Create your scope of works

This step allows you to pick work items from a preset list (included in your configuration by your administrator). These items allow you to build up a set of requirements. You can indicate the number, cost and description of the work item.

It is also possible to group work items into a milestone. Milestones can be used by your supplier for staged delivery of work or goods, allowing staged payments. You will be required to sign off milestones as your supplier indicates that they are completed.

Lastly, in this section, you can allow your supplier to suggest modifications by checking the "Supplier Can Edit" checkbox

Step 5: Select any additional documents you would like to be signed as part of the workNote: as part of your configuration, your standard terms and conditions or supplier contract will always be required to be signed by both parties as part of the creation of work. This step is to allow for you to select any additional legal documents you would like the supplier to agree to as part of the work package. 

Step 6: View Summary

The platform now provides a summary of the the information you have provided.  It is possible to go back into the previous steps to make any changes you need before clicking the "Create Work" button.

The platform may ask you to select another approver from your company for this work. This will depend on the level of authority you as a user have on the system and the value of the work you are permitted to initiate without further approvals.  

When you click "Create Work", you will get a pop-up to confirm you are happy to electronically sign the agreements you have selected to be signed as part of the Work creation. Once you accept, the work will be issued to your supplier for acceptance and they will be notified via email.

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