Instant Invoice is a feature from Paid that offers instant payment on Invoices that you as a supplier have already issued to your client.

Technically what this means is Paid, if the invoice passes our risk thresholds, will buy the invoice from you as supplier and pay you instantly* (less our fee) - Paid will then take on the responsibility of collecting payment from the client that owes the invoice and you as supplier can get on with your next piece of work secure that Paid takes all the risk of non-payment by your client. 

How to get started? The guide below is a step by step guide to exactly how the process works (note that you need to be signed up as a user of Paid to use our Instant Invoice feature). 

Step 1 - Upload your invoice and other relevant documents

The key document to upload is your invoice. If there are any other relevant documents such as a contract between you and your client or a purchase order, please also upload these. We need these to ensure we have all the information necessary to make a decision as to whether to provide our instant payment service for the invoice. 

Step 2 - Add your client's details

Add your client's details (both company and a contact at the client who is authorised to confirm the invoice). We need these details in order to get in contact with your client to validate the invoice. We require that any invoice is validated by your client before we can provide our instant payment service. 

Step 3 - confirm Invoice details 

Add in your invoice details to confirm the amount and payment terms. These need to match the details set out in the invoice uploaded. 

You will see a summary screen after you enter these details so you can check before you confirm! 

Step 4 - Await validation from your client
Your client will be sent an email noting that you use Paid as a work management and payments platform and asking for validation of the invoice: 

When your client clicks on the link in the email, they will see the following screen which they will access through a link in their email (there is no need for your client to sign up for an account on Paid): 

If your client declines, they will be asked to provide a rationale for this and you will be provided with the rationale and be able to resubmit the invoice with the correct details as many times as you need. 

If your client signs to confirm validation of the invoice, assuming the invoice and client have passed Paid's risk thresholds Paid will pay you instantly* on receipt of the client validation.

*We aim to pay all invoices within 20 minutes; however, in the event BACS needs to be used the payment may take up to 3 business days to reach your account. 

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