The Paid platform has multiple benefits :

  • Easily manage your clients contacts
  • Easily manage your work/projects/jobs with clients (and associated contracts)
  • Send out free project proposals (with our template terms and conditions) for e-signature by your client¬†
  • Automatic invoice raising once your client confirms the project or milestone is complete
  • Your client can pay by bank transfer, debit/credit card and PayPal (payment methods other than bank transfer may result in a card payment charge to your client)

If you don't use our instant payment service all we charge is a very small fee of 0.25% of your invoice on every processed transaction. This is to cover our costs of providing the service and the payment processing, and is only paid if your client pays - we take the fee as a discount from your invoice. If your client never pays, we don't get a penny either. 

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