When you have finished the project or milestone to the agreed specification, follow the below steps to 'complete' the project or milestone and trigger the invoice and, if you are using our instant payment service, instant payment to your account:  

  1. Notify Paid that the project is completed: To do this, go to your project on the platform and click the "Complete Project" (or "Complete Milestone", as applicable) 
  2. Confirm the completion: click the confirmation to trigger the completion process. 

Please note that the project has to be in the "Accepted" state, i.e. the project itself has to have been accepted by your client through the platform, before the "Complete Project" button will be available. If you have outstanding un-signed contracts then these need to be resolved with your client before you complete the project.

4. Once you have indicated the project or milestone is complete, we will send your client an email requesting that they sign a simple confirmation completion document, for final sign off. Your client will be able to confirm by a simple click of a button on the email they receive - there is no need for them to log in to the platform.
5. As soon as your client accepts, we will automatically issue your project statement to you, and invoice your client for the work on your behalf (both of these documents will be available to your on the Paid platform for viewing).
6. If you have chosen to use our instant payment service, we will pay you as soon as possible after we receive your client's completion confirmation (usually within 20 minutes, but please allow 3 business days in case we are required to go through BACS). 

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