Creating a project can feel daunting but its very simple. First give your project a title and then select your client from the drop down list. 

If your client is a company you can select a different sign off and accounts contact.

  • A sign off contact is the person who is responsible for accepting your contract legally by the company
  • An accounts contact is optional but allows you to give a different person for the payment of the invoice when the project is completed

After this you now into describing the project, the Description field allows you to use your own words to describe what you will do, while IP Considerations can be used to describe who owns the output from the project. 

You can now add the Project Requirements, these are driven from a drop down system where you replace the values e.g. "Build an X page Web Site" becomes "Build a 10 page web site" in 10 days for £1000. Build up as many requirements as you need. You can also give the price as £0 if you want.

Finally you will get the option to finance the work you are about to issue, don't worry about passing up on finance, you have access to this option throughout the work life cycle.

Once complete move to the Preview Contract button and we will show you what your contract will look like, check the details and if you are happy press Create Project, we will then send this to your client for their approval.

You will be notified by email as the client views, agrees or declines the contract. Once it is agreed you can start work in the confidence the requirements are all nailed down!

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